The Conjugator

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Exercice à trous

Dans cet exercice, mettez le verbe entre parenthèses à la forme verbale qui convient le mieux. Une fois que vous avez rempli toutes les zones, appuyez sur "Corriger" pour voir la réponse ainsi que votre score.


Fill the blanks using the correct form of affirmative, negative or question of the Future perfect continuous.

1. Gilbert games on his computer for two hours at 6 pm. (to play)
2. Erika the website for two days when she resumes working on it again. (not - short/to create)
3. When the train stops, Julian for 2 hours. (to sleep)
4. Benjamin the presentation for two hours at 8pm? (will/to make)
5. In the next thirty years most people the internet for 50 years. (to use)
6. Bernard the new brochures for a week by Friday? (will/to design)
7. By June 2020, the government the revised taxes for two years. (to impose)
8. the doctors the patients for five hours at 2 pm? (will/to examine)
9. The researchers the project reports for two days on Wednesday. (to prepare)
10. The architects the building for three years when the project completes next month. (to restore)

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