The Conjugator

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Exercice à trous

Dans cet exercice, mettez le verbe entre parenthèses à la forme verbale qui convient le mieux. Une fois que vous avez rempli toutes les zones, appuyez sur "Corriger" pour voir la réponse ainsi que votre score.

Past perfect - Affirmative form

Fill the blanks using the correct form of the Past perfect.

1. She the movie before it was broadcasted on the television. (to see)
2. I him before I investigated the noise in the garden. (to call)
3. When I got home, I found that she already the food. (to cook)
4. I him for a long time before I met his wife. (to know)
5. By the time the police arrived, the criminal already . (to escape)
6. When we reached the airport, the flight . (to leave)
7. When he reached the office, the meeting already . (to finish)
8. He fed the dog after his parents . (to leave)
9. She the chapter before it was taught in the class. (to read)
10. By the time we arrived, the party . (to finish)

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