The Conjugator

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Exercice à trous

Dans cet exercice, mettez le verbe entre parenthèses à la forme verbale qui convient le mieux. Une fois que vous avez rempli toutes les zones, appuyez sur "Corriger" pour voir la réponse ainsi que votre score.


Fill the blanks using the correct form of affirmative, negative or question of the past continuous.

1. They for the bus when we arrived. (to wait)
2. She to me when I met her. (not - short/to talk)
3. the waiter to you when you told him to replace the cold soup ? (to listen)
4. the children at 7pm last night? (to study)
5. He perfect English when he started his English lessons. (not - short/to speak)
6. I at the door when you rang the bell. (not/to stand)
7. The cat milk from the bowl when the mouse ran across the room. (to drink)
8. The candle when you opened the window. (to flicker)
9. Claire's toes when she wore her new shoes for the first time. (to hurt)
10. Kylie about the meeting when she was called by her boss. (not - short/to think)

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