The Conjugator

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Exercice à trous

Dans cet exercice, mettez le verbe entre parenthèses à la forme verbale qui convient le mieux. Une fois que vous avez rempli toutes les zones, appuyez sur "Corriger" pour voir la réponse ainsi que votre score.


Fill the blanks using the correct form of affirmative, negative or question of the Past perfect continuous.

1. the bull down the street? (to run) Had/been running
2. The police questions when we arrived. (to ask) had been asking
3. We to the new CD we bought. (not/to listen) had not been listening
4. she the holiday photos to Calvin? (to show) Had/been showing
5. The reporter about the incident before the cameraman arrived. (to write) had been writing
6. Charles under the tree for two hours? (to stand) Had/been standing
7. Before her mother came home, Lilly the piano all day. (to play) had been playing
8. Colin and Brooke when their friends arrived at the hotel. (to drink) had been drinking
9. Ricardo photographs all day when he went to Italy. (to take) had been taking
10. He to the manager when the performance review began. (not - short/to talk) hadn’t been talking

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