The Conjugator
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Exercice à trous

Dans cet exercice, mettez le verbe entre parenthèses à la forme verbale qui convient le mieux. Une fois que vous avez rempli toutes les zones, appuyez sur "Corriger" pour voir la réponse ainsi que votre score.

Future in the past - Affirmative form

Fill the blanks using the correct form of the Future in the past.

1. Margret promised that she the whole situation to me later but she never called. (to explain)
2. The Republicans were sure that they the elections, but they didn’t. (to win)
3. Stuart realized that they the HR policies so he began looking for a new job. (to change)
4. The company announced that they a new range of products soon. (to launch)
5. When Jules saw the traffic on the road, he knew that the train before he arrives at the station. (to leave)
6. Emma had read in the newspaper that there a sale at her favourite store. (to be)
7. Lola said that she the report on time but she forgot about it. (to finish)
8. The doctor knew that Chantal the appointment at the last minute. (to cancel)
9. When Leon threw the ball at the window, he knew it the glass. (to break)
10. Marcel thought that he Lucy later but he went to sleep instead. (to meet)

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